We are live fish transport specialists providing Wellboat Services, we are able to transport live fish throughout Scotland. If you have any questions or would like to dicuss working working with us please contact by;
Phone: 07990 904190

Live Fish Transport

We can transport Live Fish throughout Scotland, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best services available.

Harvest Transport

Live fish for harvest includes steaming the vessel to the fish farm site, locating the cage and pumping the required amount of fish from the cage onto the vessel where it is stored within the vessels well. The vessel then returns to the shore facility where the live fish are then pumped directly to the processing plant.

Smolt Transport

Smolt movement involves sailing to a Hatchery, usually on the West Coast of Scotland, and collecting the smolts which are transferred onboard the vessel, usually by helicopter or truck, and placed in the well for delivery to the farm sites and on arrival discharged through a smolt counter into the cage.

Splitting Over

The movement of live fish, splitting fish from one cage to another to encourage and allow for growth.


Wellboat disinfection treatments involve pumping the live fish into the well, and administering a preventative disinfection treatment and returning the live fish to the cage.

Counting & Grading Fish

Grading the size and counting of live fish requires the vessel to pump all the fish within the cage through its grading equipment, placing one graded size of fish within an empty cage alongside the boat and the second graded size of fish within the internal well of the boat.